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Guiding Principles

  • The Board is committed to ensuring an academic and social atmosphere that will assist each learner toward his or her highest potential.
  • The Board will endeavor to maintain a safe environment for all people in our facility.
  • School programs and activities will be chosen and evaluated in the context of assisting individual learners to reach their highest potential. Sources of funding will not be the primary factor in decision making.
  • To address community expectations the board commits to generating, assembling, examining and disseminating relevant data on school, program and individual performance.
  • Assessment data will be used to recognize success and to make program improvements.
  • School achievement will be determined foremost by the progress of individual learners toward reaching their highest potential.
  • As stewards of public funds the Board will always endeavor to be fiscally prudent.
  • The Board will engage in self reflection to ensure that community expectations are being met.
  • The Board expects all HPES community members, particularly adults, to share the individual and joint responsibility for fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning.