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August 28, 2017

HPES Renovation Update

March 4, 2017

The HPES renovation project is moving forward on schedule.  The board, administration, and architectural team remain committed to completing the project within the approved budget.  

Randy Burnett of Colin Lindberg Architects provided a detailed review of project progress at the January 11 board meeting, at which community members had another chance to review the plans and ask questions directly of the architects.  That same evening, six of eight contractors who had applied were prequalified by the board.  The firms granted pre-qualified status include E. F. Wall, Breadloaf Corporation, Engleberth Construction, Neagley and Chase Construction, Trumbull-Nelson Construction, and Wright and Morrissey Inc.  Bids are due April 18, and construction remains on track to begin mid-June.

All required permit applications (building, stormwater, etc.) are underway and proceeding well. The architects presented the plan to the Village Developmental Review Board on February 9.

At the February 6 board meeting, the board approved the administration’s recommendation to lease the former Plaza Hotel and an adjacent ground floor space to house grades K-5 during construction.  We have since signed a one-year lease, to begin June 1, 2017, at a total annual cost of $200,000, inclusive of utilities.  Grade 6 will have dedicated space at GMTCC for the coming year; at no cost to us as we are in turn donating out-of-service kitchen equipment to the GMTCC campus for students to use.  Due to the high cost and regulation-related difficulties associated with moving our pre-school program, we decided not to offer a school-based preschool program for the coming year only.

The search process that resulted in these decisions was careful and exhaustive.  Considered options included large spaces such as the former CREW building, the armory in Morrisville, and Johnson State College that could potentially have accommodated most if not all grades in one space.  Other considered options were the use of multiple, smaller spaces available throughout the village, as well as the use of portable classrooms on the LUMS/LUHS campus.  The options that we ultimately chose clearly provided the best combination of key features; suitability for educational use, safety and security, and cost.

Future updates will be made available via board meetings, meeting minutes, and posts to  

Renovation Plan Update - January 2017

The renovation plan is proceeding well, and was reviewed in detail at the January 11 meeting.  Please read the meeting minutes to learn more.  Click here to see the diagrams/illustrations that accompanied the Municipal Zoning Permit Application submitted to the Village of Hyde Park DRB.  The DRB will review this application at it's February 9 meeting.  The DRB Public Notice can viewed here.


GMATV has produced a video of last week's (August 18) Bond Re-Vote Information session  We urge you to watch this video before casting your vote on Thursday, August 25. It includes a wealth of information about the school and the proposed project, as well as a very clear and thorough explanation of the projected tax effect.  The video covers the entire forum which ran just over two hours.  In case you'd like to quickly find a particular type of information: The architectural presentation begins at minute 3.  The energy/engineering/systems presentation begins at minute 31.  The tax effect presentation begins at minute 52.  An excellent question and answer session begins at 1 hour and 17 minutes.   The tax effect slideshow reviewed at the meeting is also available below.

The re-vote for the proposed bond will be held August 25, 2016.  Please, get the facts before you vote.

See The Facts about Our Taxes here.  This slideshow was reviewed at the August 18 information session.  Slide 6 shows projected tax information for the first five years of the bond, taking into account both the recent district consolidation and the recommended debt management strategy.  You can see on slide 6 what your projected tax effect would be for each of the first five years of the bond.  The tax effect decreases slightly each year after year five.




Click here to see an excerpt of the June 2 information session in which Marilyn Frederick, Business Manager, explains the cost and tax implications of the proposed bond, and answers questions from community members.

Need the project highlights, but don't have much time?  See them in a quick, eight minute nutshell here.
Have time to see a comprehensive presentation of the proposed project?  Click here to see the architect's 2/15/16 presentation.