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Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Budget

Surge in Hyde Park Enrollment Impacts Budget

            Hyde Park Elementary School has experienced an 18% surge in enrollment, bucking statewide trends and impacting the 2011 budget.  “All schools experience some students coming and going throughout a school year, but a school’s total annual enrollment generally remains relatively stable,” explained School Board Chair, Brian Marshall.  He continued, “This year has been different.  We were already expecting higher enrollments based upon the registration for pre-school and kindergarten last spring but the enrollments have continued throughout the year.  Thirty-two students have enrolled since August 29th, but only five have left.  The district’s enrollment has climbed to 259 K-6 students, up from 220 last year.  The number of students that form the basis of state funding are based upon a rolling two year average and lag behind current levels. 

            Along with a change in enrollment is a change in the school’s demographics.  Over 52% of the students are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch, a figure that impacts the amount of federal and state revenues received by the school.  The number of children receiving special education services has also increased above the statewide average.  Special education requirements result in additional reimbursement revenues from the state and Federal government some of which come thanks to the assistance of parents who collaborate with the school though granting permission for Medicaid billing.  The funds generated through their assistance help in the area of prevention and early intervention services.   

   Hyde Park is one of a few schools in the state that has been approved for co-teaching, where special education teachers and general education teachers are allowed to work together to serve all students within a classroom     The school has also been working on improvements in mathematics and literacy curriculum and instruction which are also the focus of reform efforts throughout Lamoille North Supervisory Union (LNSU). Hyde Park teachers regularly participate in professional development.  Teachers carry out regular classroom assessments and the school has developed systems to provide targeted small group instruction to any students who may be struggling and those requiring more challenge. These tactics have proven effective through the increase of the school’s 2009 NECAP scores. Dr. Debra Taylor, Superintendent of Schools for LNSU recently praised Hyde Park Elementary School staff for their accomplishments and ongoing commitment to success for all students. 

            The impact of the growth in enrollment is a 10.66% increase in the budget, of $336,903 (or 9.97% , an increase of $313,903 without construction debt service) and a net increase after additional off-setting revenues  of  just 3.4% or $107,343.   Increases include the addition of a third kindergarten class and $229,000 for special education in recognition of needs resulting from the new students, and $40,000 more for repairs and maintenance at the recommendation of the facilities committee report.  Despite the increase, Hyde Park’s per pupil investment of $12,014 remains below the statewide average and reflects an increase of only $7/pupil from last year. 

            The homestead tax rate for Hyde Park is anticipated to increase 4.7% a total of .06 cents for the combined elementary and high school budgets.  The rate translates to an increase of $60.40 for $100,000 in property value, or slightly more than $15 for each of the four installments.  The average home value in Hyde Park is roughly $175,000 and property owners at that level would experience an annual increase of $105.77 or $26.43 more per installment.  These projections are before any rebates that property owners may be receive based upon income sensitivity. 

            Hyde Park residents can see the proposed budget by clicking on the attachment below.  They may  also read the Facilities Committee report which discusses their findings and recommendations regarding the Hyde Park Elementary School facility.   With the resources available, the school's staff and faculty together with the Board remain committed to exploring ways of providing each learner with rich academic and social experiences that will help him/her to reach maximum potential.

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