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What's happening with the building discussion?

Hyde Park Future Educational Opportunities Committee


The HPES Board asks that you join us in thanking the Hyde Park residents who volunteered to serve on the Hyde Park Future Education Opportunities “FEO” committee.  After voters last fall rejected the proposed school project, it was clear that a different approach was needed to solve the many facility-related issues at HPES.  In response to the board’s invitation to form a new, independent committee to tackle this challenge, twelve volunteers stepped forward: Mac Teale, Brickett Bailey, Kathy Geirsbach, Russ Laggner, Dick Grogan, Noah Noyes (FEO Committee Chair), Tanya Searles, Ken McPherson, Dave Shambaugh, Gary Smith, Paul Trudell and Craig Fowler.  

 Each of those twelve people was appointed by the board to serve on the committee, alongside board member, Patti Hayford.  Collectively, this group brought diverse skills, talents and, ideas to the task.  They were asked to carefully examine all possible solutions to the now well-documented building problems, engage meaningfully with our community, and make a recommendation to the board as to how best to move forward.  Committee volunteers put in innumerable hours to accomplish this before wrapping up their work over the summer.

The detailed FEO committee reports are now available at www.hpes.org.  The board will shortly publish its own report that summarizes the committee’s work, including the options committee members examined and the conclusions they drew, and that explains the direction the board is now taking as a result.  The board is profoundly grateful for the investment of time and energy that the FEO committee members made on behalf of our community.  We extend our sincere appreciation to each of them, and hope you will similarly extend your thanks.




February 18, 2015

To: Hyde Park Community & Taxpayers

From: HPES Future Educational Opportunities Committee

Re: Request for Ideas


Hyde Parkers,

We are please to introduce ourselves as the Hyde Park Elementary School Future Educational Opportunities Committee. Our group has been charged with exploring a variety of options for providing the children of Hyde Park with an environment that supports a high quality education at a cost that our community can afford. We are approaching this task with the intention of casting the widest net possible and considering all options – to this end we need your help and are requesting your thoughts and ideas.

 This committee is composed of: Gary Smith, Tanya Searles, David Shambaugh, Craig Fowler, Dick Grogan, Russ Laggner, Brickett Bailey, Ken McPherson, Kathy Geiersbach, Paul Trudell, Mac Teale, Noah Noyes* (Committee Chairperson), Patti Hayford** (HPES School Board of Directors Representative), Diane Reilly*** (Principal)

The committee has started this process by brainstorming ideas. Our list currently includes the following options:

1.      Repair Current Building

Complete necessary repairs to address safety, accessibility, efficiency, and other existing issues while retaining the same footprint and overall structure of the current facility.

2.      Addition

Complete necessary repairs to address safety, accessibility, efficiency, and other issues while adding building capacity with the addition of new space.

3.      New Construction

Construct a new facility on new site.

4.      Tuition to Other Schools

Exercise the option not to operate our own school facility and pay tuition for Hyde Park students to attend other existing institutions.

5.      Merge/Consolidate with Other District(s)

Merge or Consolidate Hyde Park School District with other willing partner(s).

6.      Renovate Current Building and Rent or Lease Additional Space

Rent or Lease additional space and operate HPES as a campus model.

7.       Privatize HPES

Close HPES as a public school and reopen as a private institution.


Our objective at this time is to solicit additional proposals from the community. We are hoping to put all potential ideas on the table as early as possible in this process. When this list is finalized, the committee will move forward with the research phase and begin exploring the viability and estimated costs of each option.


Please visit the following website to complete the digital version of this survey:



Paper copies of this survey can be completed and submitted at the following locations:

HPES Lobby

Hyde Park Town Office

Lanpher Memorial Library


Please do not hesitate to contact the committee chairperson with any questions. All residents are encouraged to attend our meetings which are held regularly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:00PM in the HPES library. All meeting notices, agendas, and minutes are posted at www.hpes.org. Thank you for your time and contributions. The committee looks forward to working collaboratively to find a path forward for our town. 

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Read the committee's meeting minutes here: