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At the Lanpher Memorial Library on the First Day of School, Monday, August 31st right after drop off…

Join other parents and care givers, share refreshments, connect with friends, meet new families, celebrate (or cry about) the beginning of another school year!

                                        Cheers & Tears is a partnership with Hyde Park Elementary School, Hyde Park Partners in Education (P.I.E), Lanpher Memorial 


What is Act 46?

How will it affect Hyde Park?

Please consider volunteering....

Are you interested in the chance to inform the future of local education?  The HPES board seeks a community member who is interested in serving on a study committee to examine the advisability of forming a union school district under Act 46.  Recently passed, Act 46 aims to address equity, quality, and cost through the creation of larger (900+ students) Pre-K-12 education systems, and provides strong incentives for school districts to voluntarily merge their governance structures.  

What does this mean for Hyde Park and the rest of the towns that form the LNSU? First, it's important to understand that Act 46 does not mean school consolidation. HPES is full, and there is no reasonable scenario that doesn't include HPES for many years to come.  Rather, Act 46 focuses on consolidation of governance structures.  In other words, it aims to reduce the number of school boards.  A goal of the legislation is that the constituent districts of the LNSU (Hyde Park, Cambridge, Johnson, Eden, Waterville and Belvidere) would, by a decision of the voters, elect to dissolve and form a new, unified school system district.  Our high school provides an existing model for this.  On the high school board, representatives from each of the sending towns work together to determine what will be in the best collective interest of all the children served.  

While, in the near future, it will be up to the voters in each of the LNSU towns to decide whether to pursue such a consolidation, there are tax incentives for school districts that move quickly to make the recommended changes.  The sooner districts vote to make those changes, the greater are those incentives.  Moreover, within a few years, the Agency of Education and the State Board of Education will be empowered to develop their own plans to reconfigure districts that have not already made plans to change.  

Therefore, the HPES board voted quickly in favor of creating an LNSU-consolidation study committee.  Each of the other districts of the LNSU voted similarly tonight (8/24), formally clearing the way for this important work to begin.  The study committee will be comprised of representatives from each of the LNSU towns.  In collaboration with grant-funded consultants who can provide necessary expertise, the committee will be charged with collecting and reviewing the information necessary to analyze the educational, financial, and legal ramifications of consolidation; producing a recommended plan that addresses articles of agreement as well as issues of concern; and communicating with voters.

The committee is expected to work intensively from early September through at least December.  There is a possibility that the committee's work will continue through May. Act 46 requires that we move very quickly in order to reap the maximum possible tax benefits, and Hyde Park has committed to acting accordingly.  Committee members should expect a vigorous meeting schedule, along with independent reading and work. Anyone interested in being considered for service on this committee is asked to send a brief letter of interest to schoolboard@hpes.org. Letters should be received by noon on Monday, August 31.  To learn more about Act 46, visit http://education.vermont.gov/laws/2015/act-46.



Defining Student Success Survey

The HPES board seeks community input as we prepare to both expand and refine our policies on student outcomes.  We recently held a board retreat to reflect carefully upon student success. How specifically do we define success?  What skills, habits and attributes will be present in a well-educated student as s/he moves on to the next level of education?  These are the questions we discussed, and now invite you to weigh in on.   Please reflect on the following three themes, and then click the link at the bottom to share your thoughts with the board.

1.  Students will meet or exceed defined expectations in core (reading, writing, math, science, social studies, etc.) subjects, as demonstrated within a variety of interdisciplinary, instructional themes including:

·  Community

·  Global Awareness

·  Environmental Sustainability

·  Financial Literacy

·  Civics

·  Health and Wellness

·  Performing and Fine Arts

2. Students will develop attributes for life-long learning through:

·  Creativity and innovation

·  Critical thinking and problem-solving

·  Communication and collaboration

3.  Students will develop the skills and habits of mind necessary for success both in and out of school:

·  Flexibility and adaptability

·  Initiative and self-direction

·  Social and cross-cultural sensitivity

·  Productive and accountability

·  Leadership and responsibility

·  Use of information, media and technology skills

To share your thoughts with the board, please click here.

Thank you!

 The HPES Board of Directors