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Defining Student Success Survey

The HPES board seeks community input as we prepare to both expand and refine our policies on student outcomes.  We recently held a board retreat to reflect carefully upon student success. How specifically do we define success?  What skills, habits and attributes will be present in a well-educated student as s/he moves on to the next level of education?  These are the questions we discussed, and now invite you to weigh in on.   Please reflect on the following three themes, and then click the link at the bottom to share your thoughts with the board.

1.  Students will meet or exceed defined expectations in core (reading, writing, math, science, social studies, etc.) subjects, as demonstrated within a variety of interdisciplinary instructional themes including:

·  Community

·  Global Awareness

·  Environmental Sustainability

·  Financial Literacy

·  Civics

·  Health and Wellness

·  Performing and Fine Arts

2. Students will develop attributes for life-long learning through:

·  Creativity and innovation

·  Critical thinking and problem-solving

·  Communication and collaboration

3.  Students will develop the skills and habits of mind necessary for success both in and out of school:

·  Flexibility and adaptability

·  Initiative and self-direction

·  Social and cross-cultural sensitivity

·  Productive and accountability

·  Leadership and responsibility

·  Use of information, media and technology skills

Please click here to share your thoughts with the Board.

Thank you!

The HPES Board of Directors