From the Principal
World Peace Game at HPES

Parents of sixth graders at Hyde Park Elementary School received an unusual letter last week about a role-playing game, called the World Peace Game, their students had begun.  It read:

Four nations and four international agencies are facing unprecedented challenges across the globe.  War, famine, refugee resettlement, land and water ownership disputes, endangered species, climate change, nuclear threats, oil spills, a space race, and much more are entangled in a 23-part Crisis Report just delivered to your child’s hands!  Can these brave leaders untangle the crises and save the world by Friday??  We believe they can. Now, the hard work begins.

Faced with a 4-tiered game board that holds thousands of tiny game pieces, HPES sixth grade students have acted as prime ministers and cabinet members for invented nations, United Nations, World Bank, and World Court members, and arms dealers.  They have negotiated peace treaties and trade agreements.  They have grappled with the problems our real leaders face every day, working together to find solutions that address all 23 crises.  In the process, students have learned to speak publicly during Parliamentary sessions, to balance budgets, write checks and collect receipts.  They have learned the value of compromise and the importance of compassionate leadership. By the conclusion of this game, these young people will have moved a step closer to becoming our future leaders.

5th-grade students install their brook trout eggs into the fish tank in the 5/6 classroom wing.  Trout eggs are provided, and the trout program is supported by Trout Unlimited.  This is a project that is done in combination with ECO.

  From the Nurse

With Sports for Life underway, I would like to remind everyone of the safety expectations.  We expect all students participating in outdoor or cold weather activities to be dressed properly with a warm jacket, snow pants, mittens/gloves, hat, and appropriate footwear.  Neck warmers and warm socks are also great ideas!  All snowboarders and downhill skiers are expected to wear helmets, and we feel it is important for ice skaters to wear helmets as well.  We encourage you to send a helmet with your ice skater, if possible.  If you do not have a helmet at home, the ice skating rink can supply them.  Keep in mind, their supply is limited!  Thank you for helping us keep the HPES community safe and healthy!    

Sports For Life

Yesterday was our first 2019 Sports For Life day.  Here are some of our cross-country skiers enjoying the afternoon!


     Monday, January 21st

There IS School this day – Snow Day Makeup!

     Friday, February 1st; 11:30 am dismissal

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