From the Principal

We have two days this month where there will be a change in dismissal:

Thursday, December 14th (Change only affects 6th grade)

6th grade will be dismissed from the PLAZA Campus (Pick-ups will be at the Plaza) at the K-5 normal time of 2:40 pm.

Friday, December 22nd Early Release 11:20am

6th grade will be dismissed from the PLAZA Campus at 11:20am (Pick-ups will be at the Plaza).

K-5 dismissed at the PLAZA at 11:20am

Please note, there will be no High School or Middle School students on the buses (they have a full day), so the bus run on December 22nd will be considerably shorter in duration. 

Bed Bugs 101

Informational Meeting on Bed Bugs - Tuesday, December 12th, 6:00 PM at GMTCC in the CEC room.

As you all know, we have had live bed bugs sighted on student belongings at the HPES GMTCC campus.  A complete inspection was done at GMTCC, LUHS, LUMS, and the Plaza.  No bed bugs were found, and never have there been bed bugs sighted at the Plaza campus.  It is unlikely that they are able to survive in a school setting.  The administration and staff continue to do everything in our power to make sure that these nuisance bugs are not brought to school or take up residence.  

This meeting was initially intended for the 6th grade parents and families, but we are opening it to other parents who are interested in learning more about this pest.

After School Program

Reminder - there is NO After School Program on Thursday, December 14th due to mandatory staff obligations.  

Music News

K-3 Winter Celebration Concert

Please join us on Thursday, December 14th at 6:00 pm in the LUHS Theater for the K-3 Winter Concert!  Theater doors will open at 5:15pm.  Students will meet their teachers and prepare for our wonderful winter concert!  The program will go as follows:  Kindergarten, First Grade, Third Grade, and Second grade.  We hope you can join us for this wonderful celebration! 

Festival of Lights

Congratulations to the 5th/6th grade HPES Band members who participated in the Festival of Lights Parade!  They performed and looked amazing performing the three songs they memorized!  A special thank you to the parents who helped out and made the event flow perfectly. 

Kindergarten Basketball

Kindergarten Basketball practice will be from 1-2pm this Sunday, December 10th in the Lamoille Union Middle School gym.  For more information, contact Coach Ryan Eldred at reedheather10@gmail.com or Shawn Clough at sclough@hpes.org.

From the Nurse

A recent bulletin was sent out to School Nurses regarding the concern around the weight of backpacks that students carry.  This concern increases in the winter as the weather requires more clothing to stay warm.  Some of the information below may be helpful if your child has a new backpack on their Christmas list or is trying to figure out how to get everything in their backpack.  Here are the 4 steps to Safe Backpack Use:

Step 1:  Choose Right:  Choosing the right size backpack is the most important step to safe backpack use.  There are backpacks made especially for youth ages 5 to 10 years old.  The backpack should not be more than 4 inches below the waist.

Step 2:  Pack Right:  The maximum weight of the loaded backpack should not exceed 10% to 15% of their body weight, so pack only what is needed.  If the backpack forces the wearer to move forward to carry, it’s overloaded.  Move some things out of the backpack and carry in your arms.

Step 3:  Lift Right:  Face the Pack - bend at the knees - use both hands and check the weight of the pack – lift with the legs - apply one shoulder strap and then the other.  Don’t sling the backpack onto one shoulder.

Step 4:  Wear Right:  Use both shoulder straps – snug, but not too tight.

When the backpack has a waist strap – use it.

For more information visit shrinershospitalsforchildren.org.  Click on the education link, scroll to the bottom for more information.  

Upcoming Events

6th Grade dismissed from the PLAZA

      Thursday, December 14th – 2:40pm


     Thursday, December 14th

K-3 Winter Concert – LUHS Auditorium

     Thursday, December 14th – 6:00pm

Early Dismissal – Grades K-6 at Plaza

     Friday, December 22nd 11:20am

NO SCHOOL – December Recess

     December 25 – January 1

HPES distributes, as a courtesy, information regarding area activities and events that may be of interest to students. Items sent home do not necessarily reflect the opinions or values of the HPES School Board.