What is the procedure if I need to.... Here is what to do:
 -report that a student will be absent?
Please call 521-5400 at your earliest convenience and hit 9 to leave a message reporting  your child absent.  OR you can report an absence by emailing attendance@hpes.org.  If we do NOT hear from you, we will be calling you to check on your child.

 -drop off a student late?
Please call 521-5400 and hit 9 to leave a message stating your child will be coming but will be arriving late.  You can also email attendance@hpes.org to let us know.

COVID rules:  Please call 521-5400 and hit 0 when you arrive with your child OR just before you arrive.  You may pull into our bus lane right up to the front door and someone will come out to get them and bring them into the building for screening.

 -pick up a student early?
Please call 521-5400 and hit 9 to leave a message stating your child will be leaving early from school.  You can also email attendance@hpes.org to let us know.  You also have the option of sending in a note with your child that they can give to their teacher.  You will need to come inside to sign your child out.

COVID rules:  Please call 521-5400 and hit 0 a couple of minutes before you arrive and we will call your student down.  You may pull into the bus lane right up to the front door and we will get your child safely outside to your car.

Winter Meal Kits

With winter weather upon us, we are starting our new Winter Meal Kits program.

Beginning Wednesday, Dec. 2nd we will be offering 7 day meal kits that include pantry staples like bread, peanut butter, pasta, cheese and chicken; ready to eat foods like cheese sticks, yogurt, crackers, cereal and granola bars; heat and eat dinners and lots of fresh fruits and veggies as well as ½ gal. of chocolate milk and ½ gal. of 1% milk. 

Meal Kits are prepared by your School Nutrition Teams. This new program will offer more options to households, with less packaging, in addition to meals at school.

Pick up day will be Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 to avoid traffic in the parking lots and to give us the full day to assemble the kits for each child.

These meals are FREE for ANY child age 18 and under, the child does not have to be present to receive meals.­

Sites will be located at LUMS, HPES, ECS and WES.

Click here to sign up for the New Winter Meal Kits or go to www.lamoilleschoolmeals.com

New Screening Forms

Due to changes in State of Vermont and Department of Health Guidance, we have attached the new before school “screening forms” that will be used starting Monday. Please read it carefully as questions have changed and there is a lot of information.

Healthy Screening Survey - Click Here

HPES Virtual Open House



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