Hyde Park Elementary School Renovation Bid Opening

April 28th, 2017 at 12:00pm

Community Meeting Room at Hyde Park Town Clerk's Office

344 VT 15 West

Hyde Park, VT, 05655

FAQ's for 5th and 6th Grade Moving to Tech Center

1. How much overlap will our children have with tech center high school students?

The HPES students will have basically their own "wing" at the tech center. The only students who will share any hall space, bathrooms, etc. with our students will be the students in the "Allied Health" program. There will be doors that go directly to the outside and the plan is to have them be dropped off and picked up near their classroom (this is not finalized). Interaction with tech students will be minimal. Interaction with other students in middle and high school will also be minimal.

2. What is your plan to make sure our children feel emotionally and socially safe in this new environment?

The tech center staff is welcoming them with open arms and will be making contact and introducing themselves. The director is welcoming them. They will be collaborating with the tech classes on projects throughout the year if appropriate. They will have at least one or more chances to visit the facility and space.

3. What types of supports will you have in place?

Two classroom teachers, 2 para educators, 1 reading specialist, 1 special educator and a plethora of HPES staff and administration in and out of GMTCC.

4. Who will our 6th graders have lunch with?

They will eat during the tech center lunch period. The tech students eat their lunch wherever they want, HPES will share their lunch period and have assigned tables in the lunch room. This lunch period will have only tech students and HPES students. They will be monitored by our staff. 

5. Who will have recess with and how will this be monitored?

We will have a designated grass space that is exclusive of the rest of the complex. Staff may also organize a recess activity on a nearby athletic field or on the trails. Recess will be monitored by HPES staff.

6. Are you sending any support staff with our 6th graders?

There will be 2 para educators assigned to the 6th grade as well as Special Education and Reading Specialist.

7. How will specials take place for students and how will they access other programs?

Specialist teachers will be visiting the tach center throughout the week on a regular schedule and as needed basis: Guidance, Nurse, PE, Art, Music and Band. Our librarian will retire this year, other options will be in place instead of a traditional library class and appropriate library skills will be addressed. We also have a substantial grade level library that will be available i the classrooms. Emergency nursing services will be accessed through the High School, but this would only be in the case of an actual emergency. (We are working on this.) Our nurse will continue to interact with our students and will come to GMTCC as needed. 

8. How will our 6th graders be able to feel apart of a community at HPES?

It is important for us to maintain HPES community during the move. We are working on this, but do not have a definitive plan in place as of yet. We will be planning events, but there is no space in any of our future sites that will accommodate more than one grade at a time. 

9. Will there be a parent night to provide information?

We will have an open house at both sites and have a parent information night for future 6th graders after April break. We have had information sent home in the classroom newsletter, the News Flash, on the website, and in the News and Citizen as we have made decisions. We have not had a parent nighty yet, as it did not make sense to bring people together before we had worked out many of the details. Parents have had up to date information as we have acquired it. 

10. Will future 6th graders have a summer program and an after school program?

Current 5th graders can participate in the summer program which will be held at the LUMS (to our knowledge). Flyers will go home for the summer program soon and current 5th graders may participate as space is available. 

There will be NO afterschool program for 6th graders next year.

11. When will the last day of school be for HPES?

This is still being determined. We will be at HPES until at least June 11th and could be in session until June 16th.

Kid Questions K&1 regarding the move to the Plaza?

1. Are the classrooms bigger at the Plaza than our classrooms now?

The classrooms at the Plaza will be smaller than your current classroom, we will not have as many things in the classroom so there will be enough room.

2. Will we still have IPADS?

We will still have WIFI access that is needed for IPADS and other electronic devices. We will bring our IPADS with us.

3. Is there going to be a flag?

We have not made plans for an outdoor flag, but we will have a flag in every classroom.

4. What classes will be at the Plaza?

Grades 1,2,3,4 & 5 will be upstairs in the Plaza hotel space. K will be in a storefront space between the Union Bank and the Great Outdoors.

5. Is there a downstairs and an upstairs?

Grades 1,2,3,4 & 5 will be in the upstairs part of the hotel. Kindergarten will be in the downstairs at the store front.

6. Is there a swimming pool?

Some hotels have swimming pools, the Plaza does not have a swimming pool.

7. Will we have food there?

We will have “grab and go” breakfast, snacks, and we will have school lunches. The lunches may be mostly cold lunches as we will not have a kitchen.

8. Where will we eat lunch?

Lunches will most likely be eaten in the classrooms.     

9. Will we be able to go to Hoagies to get Pizza for lunch?

We will not be able to go to Hoagies to eat Pizza, but sometimes we might be able to have Pizza for lunch!

10. Will we take the bus?

Yes, the bus will pick you up at the same place they pick up this year. It will be best for students to ride the bus as parent drop off and pick up will be smaller.

11. Will there be play equipment on the green space for recess?

We are planning on fencing in the green space but we may not have the room for play equipment. We will bring balls and other items to use at recess.

12. Where will the planning room be located?

The student support center will be in an office very close to the classrooms. Miss Laurie and Mr. Matt will be there.

13. Will students have field trips?

We hope to have some extra field trips since we will not be able to use all of the resources we have in the Hyde Park Village.

14. Will we have specials next year?

All of the specials teachers will be moving to the Plaza with us. Some specials will be in the classroom and some will be downstairs next to Kindergarten. Teachers and staff will walk you to the specials that will be in the store front. It will be nice exercise, you will walk  down the stairs to specials rather than upstairs to specials like it is now.

15. Will there be a gym?

No, we will not have a gym.

16. Will we have cubbies?

No, we will not have room for cubbies, but we will find a place to put your coats and backpacks.

17. Will we bring our book bins?

Yes, we will bring our book bins and lots and lots of books!                 


Library News

The Race-to-Read challenge is still going on.  We are in week #7.  Students should be reading each night for 15 to 20 minutes and filling in their reading log.  Parents should have signed off on seven weeks of reading, or a seventh book if their child is counting books vs. minutes.  Parents please help by signing off on those reading logs.  Extras are available in the library.

The Scholastic Book Fair was very successful, thanks to Eliza Peters and our hard-working 6th grade parents.  Due to your support, we broke the $4,000 mark in sales, raised almost $1,000 for the 6th grade field trip and made enough points to have another Great Book Give-Away.  And we served well over 200 ice-cream lovers!  Yahoo!  Special thanks to the set up crew, all of the cashiers, the ice cream servers and the folks who helped pack up.  It takes a village!

Lots of Voting has been happening in the library!  Last week our 1st through 4th graders voted for their favorite Red Clover book.  The Hyde Park winner was, Meet the Dullards by Sara Pennypacker.  The 5th and 6th graders voted Tuesday for their favorite book from “Dorothy’s List”; the local winner was The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.  Things have been busy, and it looks like May is going to get even busier.  Check to see if these dates apply for your child(ren).  And remember - keep reading!  Mrs. Cormier 

Important Dates

Please mark your calendars for some important upcoming dates:

Thursday, May 4th – the Battle of the Books for participating 5th & 6th graders at GMTCC

Friday, May 5th – Race-to-Read reading logs are due to classroom teachers.

Monday, May 8th – the Red Clover Celebration Night from 6:00-7:30pm in the library.

Friday, May 12th – all books are due back to the library.

Monday, May 15th – the Race-to-Read Celebration and the girls return

Monday, May 22nd – Great Book Give-Away

Friday, May 26th – Memorial Day Program and Annual LACN Mud Run

Upcoming Events


     April 17-21