From the Principal

Catherine Gallagher, LNSU Superintendent, would like to send her apologies for the late automated call this past Thursday morning. There was an error in out School Messenger system that caused the delay. If you feel you are not getting calls, you may call the school to verify your numbers. Remember, if you ever think there could possibly be a delay/closing, tune into WCAX, WLVB or check Facebook. 

Students participating in the American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Program. Students were given a pillowcase- which they designed - to be filled with things they would need in case of an emergency evacuation.

Students are seen counting pennies as part of the ongoing "Penny War" between classes at HPES which is raising money for the Lamoille Area Cancer Network (LACN)


Basketball News


Due to the renovations to Hyde Park Elementary School during the 2017/2018 school year, Hyde Park Basketball will look very different. For the past two months, we have looked into a number of options from spreading our kids throughout the willing teams in our district to renting gym space at JSC. We have finally come to the most realistic, as well as best option possible for our program here at Hyde Park.

    The first major change will be in the K-2 program. Rather than meeting once a week from December to February, the K-2 students interested will have the opportunity to participate in two to three skill clinics. These clinics will focus on the basic skills and development that are appropriate for this age group and will be determined during the school year as far as the date, location, and time. Otherwise, there will not be a game schedule for the K-2 program at this time. 

    The second major change will be that we will have no 3-6 home game schedule. 3-6 boys and girls will play only away games, which will reduce the amount of overall games that they get (8-10 games each). They will still be able to take part in the district tournaments that are available.

    The third change will be in their practice schedule. 3-6 boys and girls will practice once a week on Sundays at Lamoille Union Middle School for a two hour time slot beginning in early November and ending in early February. If there are two teams at one level (Ex. 5/6 girls white, 5/6 girls maroon) they will still practice together during the below practice times. The schedule is listed below as the proposed practice schedule. 

Sunday practice schedule for 2017-2018 HPES 3-6 basketball program at LUMS:

3/4 girls 12-2pm

3/4 boys 2-4pm

5/6 girls 4-6pm

5/6 boys 6-8pm


P.I.E. Breakfast

Our annual Pie Breakfast will be held on Saturday, March 11th from 9 AM to 12 noon. We are currently asking people to sign up for pie donations and volunteer at the breakfast. Please email parents@hpes.org to let us know what kind of pie you'll be making. Thank you!

Free Throw Championships

The Knights of Columbus annual Free Throw Championships for boys and girls ages 9-14 will be held Saturday, February 18th at the Bishop Marshall School gym at 3:30 pm. You may call Cliff at 888-5030 for further details.

Upcoming Events

NO SCHOOL – Winter Break/Town Meeting

     February 27 – March 7